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Ahoy and avast to anyone still reading this blog – and my many thanks to you and your mighty attention span. Much has happened since my last update: I’ve had to take time off from martial arts training due to a sprained ankle, but have taken up sailing in the meantime. I’ve been focused on my professional writing but found a lull recently and began revisiting some of my old online haunts. Here’s a look at one of the articles I recently wrote for a Crossfit website:

The freelance writing kept me busy for a time, but I recently landed a copy-editing job which left me wanting for an excuse to write words of my own. I’m still developing the illustrious Echoterre fantasy series, but keeping that secretive until the first novella can be properly published. In the meantime I’ve reactivated an account on and started a solo quest there that promises to entertain:

Other than that I’m staying happy and healthy and rehabilitating my legs, hopefully to return to Loyalist MMA before the end of the summer. I promise to post more often again, so long as you all keep liking and sharing my work. Be well!