Flashback on The Pixie’s Paramour

Warning: The body of this post contains sexual content and mature subject matter, please read at your own discretion.

Well the main editing process on The Pixie’s Paramour is complete and I thought I’d celebrate with the freshly updated version of the most popular excerpt I ever posted. It was the only sex scene in the book. Is that good, bad, or normal? I don’t know, but I like to give my readers what they like, and I promise that the sequel to The Pixie’s Paramour (already in the works) will involve considerably more risqué content.

I’m planning on sending out a few query letters to the more open-minded publishing houses but most likely this book will be self published and available in paperback and ebook format sometime this summer. If you are a graphic artist who is or know one who might be interested in creating a cover for The Pixie’s Paramour (professionally of course) please leave a comment!

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Without further foreplay, enjoy the smut!


The top of the old manor house was level and gravel-strewn, presumably with a graded metal roof beneath to control rainfall. It had an insulated hot water tank the size of a tractor tire set in its center. I stopped short of the tank and gazed past it, across the street, where the hedges had long since burnt out. The wail of sirens had almost arrived and I could see flashing lights approaching through the block’s treetops. There were multiple tones and frequencies to the sirens and a rave-like blend of lights. Whoever made the call had requested the police, fire department, and paramedics. Which was probably for the best, because they might all be necessary.

The Pixie strode past me with swaying hips and leaned on the hot water tank with a sigh of satisfaction. She undid her voluminous blue cloak and spread it on the tank’s rubberized surface and leaned forward on both forearms, avidly anticipating the arrival of the authorities.

“Are you sure this is the best part?” I asked skeptically, following until I stood inches behind her, watching the flashing lights over her shoulder. While I had to agree that the results were the purpose behind the violence, I preferred knocking thugs out to observing the aftermath.

“Not just yet,” she said, and I could hear the sly smile in her voice. She reached back with both hands and I took mine in hers and wrapped my arms around her belly. My bare chest made electric contact with the smooth material of her purple rashguard and she shifted and slid back until her hips pressed against the tops of my legs. She drew me closer until she could feel how badly I wanted her.

I smelled the familiar lavender perfume emanating from the right side of her neck. I arched around and kissed her left collarbone and inhaled the scent of her.

Her mouth met mine as she twisted around but I broke the kiss in shock. I’d smelled the soldier girl’s sweat during our lengthy rolling session at the gym. Until that moment I’d been certain the soldier was the Pixie… but this woman’s sweat was sweeter, her body more supple, and the mystery made me mad with desire.

“I want you inside me,” she said, slightly breathless as she raised on tiptoe to grind her hips against mine and lifted one of my wide hands to touch both of the perfect, tiny breasts through her tantalizing top.

“Could you be more specific?” I asked, freeing my wrists from her little gloved hands. My left forearm sealed her waist in place against me and my right hand wrapped lightly around her throat.

She arched her back and took a long shaky breath and all but whimpered.

“I want you to fuck me,” the Pixie whispered, “right now.

I grasped her wrists and leaned her forward until her pink leather palms rested on the cloak covering the old water tank. My toe tapped the inside of her foot and she spread her legs wider. I lifted the rainbow-striped skirt up onto her lower back so I could see her ass outlined beneath the purple material.

“Don’t move,” I instructed her, and knelt down and retrieved the balisong from my back pocket and unfolded it. The butterfly knife had a short, razor-sharp steel blade. I pinched the purple fabric between the Pixie’s thighs and pulled it down as far as it would stretch and then carefully sliced a rough circle free. The fabric went in my pocket with the folded knife and I stood up and unzipped my shorts.

The Pixie gasped and bit down on her cloak as I slid through the welcoming hole in her tights into her warm wet embrace. I sighed deeply and bent forward and turned her head so I could taste her lipstick again. She breathed shallow and fast through her nose as she drove her hips backward, trying to absorb every inch of me.

I broke the kiss and straightened my back and put both hands on her shoulders to help accomplish her goal. A catlike moan escaped the Pixie’s lips before she clasped both hands over her mouth and buried her face in the royal blue cloak. As our pace quickened I slipped a hand down the front of her tights to massage the flower bud between her legs. My other hand wrapped around her throat again and applied pressure to the carotid arteries both sides of her neck.

Yes,” the Pixie gasped, trusting herself to speak for only a second, “do that!” She muffled her mouth anew as fresh moans echoed from deep inside her. The blissful energy between us built to an unbearable level.


The Goddess and Her Champion (Erotica)

Warning: The following content contains sexual imagery and mature themes, please read at your own discretion.

“Do you wish to live forever?” The Goddess asked, scraping all eight amber-enamelled fingernails down the warrior’s scarred chest.

Breaker arched against the soft bed of earth he lay upon, lifting the Goddess’ light and supple form as he drew breath through pursed lips. He sat up as he exhaled, breath tickling the nape of the petite brunette woman’s neck.

“Only if living forever means never leaving my Suravani’s inside.” Joshua Cronen wrapped his arms around the Goddess straddling his lap and lifted her effortlessly.

Suravani shrieked with pleasure and wrapped her legs around his hips, ankles locked and urging him deeper.

He pushed her against the soft sand wall and held her there as she kissed him and took away all concept of time. The room was one of her creation, specially designed for the two of them, and he could not say how long they had spent there. A day or more certainly… long enough for the mystique surrounding the deity to melt in the fire between them. She had told him things while she lay in his arms, how long it had been since she took human form, how long since she felt a lover’s touch, how long since she’d found a man worthy of tasting her sweat… It had been longer than the lives of many mortals. But Breaker was not mortal; not anymore… not quite. The power that flowed in his veins was partially granted by his Goddesses, but significantly due to his own dedication to mastery of the body and mind. When he touched Suravani and his energy flowed into her over the hours, the days… even a deity could not withstand such passion. They were immortals and nearly indestructible, ancient and experienced beyond belief. But their advantages made them overlook the one thing that would always bring them back to the mortal realm… their emotions.

Finally they nestled like spoons in a cupboard, satisfied if not spent, whispering and laughing softly. The petite slender form Suravani had chosen fit perfectly in Breaker’s ropelike arms. Her hair smelled perfect… the Gods had a fetish for perfection.

“So what will it take to bring my Goddess to such pleasure,” Josh asked, raking rough fingers up the inner muscles of her thigh to bring one last surprised gasp to Suravani’s lips. “Such pleasure that she’d choose a mere soldier to share her spot in eternity?”

Suravani’s laugh sounded mysterious as the winds through the dunes in her creation, her home continent of Fallien.

“A soldier?” She giggled like a young girl, still lost in the carnal experience, “how long has it been since you called yourself that Breaker?” She wiggled in his arms and rolled over to straddle his hips and press the soft skin of her forehead against his close cropped hairline and gaze into his endless hazel eyes. “You are a general, a champion, a great teacher and leader… you could be my champion. My partner in all this.” She swirled a dainty hand carelessly and the sandy walls vanished, leaving them floating on an earthen bed high above where the hawks or even the legendary griffins of Fallien could soar. The vast dunes and ocean ring surrounding the lonely continent looked like a well drawn map from so high in the sky

“So what would you have of me?” He asked, “what more?” He corrected the question, slapping the supple skin of her hindquarters to illicit another giggle and gathering her back into his arms. The skin over his abdominals stretched as he sat up and held the Goddess in his lap as they looked down her domain together.

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