First Blood (Excerpt from The Pixe’s Paramour)

Good evening readers! Both because I’m nearing the end of the novella and because page views have been way down recently, I’ve decided to switch from posting almost every day to every 2-3 days. As I mentioned before the excerpts will be brief but potent, and focused on making you itch to buy the awesome and affordable book that will be available in paperback and ebook format this summer. For anyone on Facebook following the Pixie, I would love to have your support at The Pixie’s Paramour Facebook Page. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

And now…

The Breach (Previous TPP Excerpt)        


“Get ready!” She hissed.

I flattened myself low against the outside wall so as not to throw a shadow in the peephole’s line of sight. I leaned in and put my ear on the door and my hand on the knob. The chain rattled and then the deadbolt slid out of place. The knob turned under my light grasp.

I yanked the door open and seized the short barrel of the guard’s weapon with both hands and charged inside, headbutting him in the nose and forcing the dangerous double-barrels toward the blonde on the stairs all in one motion. I changed direction and drove him against the wall, putting my shoulder in his neck and my forehead on his jaw and continuing to twist the shotgun. It wavered between his own body and the girl in the strangely lethargic girl in jean shorts and a white tank top.

“Hey,” the girl said sleepily, “who are you? Hey, help!” There was little energy in her cry, but she took a deeper breath and then The Pixie had her.

The guard let go with his left and backhanded me in the ribs. He was looking for space to call for help and he found none, and his hand went back to the gun to fire a warning shot. Too late.

I wrenched the weapon sideways and backwards with all of my force, breaking the finger in the trigger guard and taking the weapon away. I clubbed the guard in the temple with the remainder the sawed-off shotgun’s wooden stock and then soccer-kicked his head before it struck the ground. He slumped down against the wall, laying oddly straight with his arms rested in front of him. He would be there awhile.

The Pixie stood proudly next to the girl in the tight top and jean shorts, who appeared to have given in to her former sleepiness and naturally drifted off, curled up in the corner by the stairs.


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